Author: Laura S. Jones
Pages: 210
Thirteen short stories
Format: 6x9 inch paperback, E-book also available
ISBN-13: 978-0-9846617-0-1
Pub date: 2011, second edition November 2014
Publisher: Tidal Press
Cover photograph: Nicole Wagner


There is magic and tragedy in every ordinary life, sometimes just around the corner. Try as we might, though, we can never tell which is coming. The thirteen short stories in Breaking and Entering explore what happens after. After a chance encounter, long forgotten choice or simple mistake breaks the barriers or bonds that either hold people together or keep them apart. Sometimes the results are good, sometimes they are not. But they are always life-changing. With a straightforward writing style, distinctive and diverse characters and an ear for dialog, Jones captures the beautiful and painful clarity that change can bring to a life.
Laura S. Jones is a journalist and former attorney who lives with her husband and animals in central Virginia. This is her first collection of short stories. The story Fallout Shelter was originally published in Short Story America Anthology Volume I. The story Renewal won an award from WriterHouse in Charlottesville in 2013. Click here to read the first half of the title story.