Great reviews for "Is That The Shirt You're Wearing?"

by Laura Jones

An excerpt from Liesl Testwuide's book review for The Huffington Post: "Brakeman’s writing is at once smart, sharp and poignant. While describing her husband’s frightening battle with Prostate Cancer, we follow Kristen from the Millie and Mike Hersch Family Surgical Center, to get a drink from the Samuel G. Weiss water fountain, out to the Wilt Family Garden where she sits on the Nathan and Ruth Diamond bench waiting for her husband to come out of surgery. Like Bombeck, Brakeman has the ability to make us laugh, even in the toughest times. 

Brakeman’s penchant for confessions draws us in. We know the college fund was used to resurface the pool and erect the neighborhood’s finest fence. We know she barely made it a week gluten-free after her daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. And we know she avoids her mother, ruined Facebook and is annoyingly thin. Yet we love her anyway. Brakeman’s honesty allows us to exhale and accept our own inadequacies as spouses, parents, caregivers and just plain old human beings. We follow Brakeman down her riotous rabbit holes because we, too, live insane lives."