Introducing Tidal Press

by Laura Jones

There is an old quip about stories that says there are only two basic plots. One, a man goes on a journey. Two, a stranger comes to town. If that is true – and I think in some ways that it is – then why do we need more books or, indeed, another publishing house?
Ouch. That is like asking someone opening a restaurant why she is bothering since there are already plenty of places to buy food. Or asking a musician why make a record?

We need more books because books renew us, and thanks to the pace of modern life, we need a lot of renewal. Every book captures a moment in time as translated by one individual. Books speak to our current collective condition from the writer’s current individual condition. 
We need another publishing house because there is amazing work out there that is not getting into the hands of readers. We can’t leave it to the big corporate publishers to select work for us to read, or else we will turn into citizens of “The Center” as described so terrifyingly by José Saramago in The Cave. (A great book, by the way.)

Tidal Press will bring you great stories. Our goal really is to transform your reading, to make it easy and pleasurable for you to select good books with the confidence that your time will be well spent reading them, and that your life will be enriched thanks to your reading experience. We want to become your trusted resource. We want you to tell your friends: “Oh you have to buy the latest from Tidal Press. You will love it.” We will work hard to bring those books to you. We hope you will take that journey with us.

Think about Tidal Press and the other small presses out there as you would your favorite corner restaurant or your local tomato farmer. Small is good. But even if you do love big corporations and chain restaurants (and hey, I like Nike and Starbucks sometimes, too) I think you will like our books.

We will start by publishing four books in 2015. As we are building our catalog, we will also bring you reviews of books we love – and books  we don’t – so you will know more about our sensibility. It’s like the “If you like X, you’ll like Y” suggestions from Netflix and Amazon. 

Thanks for visiting, and come back often.