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Tidal Press is an independent publishing house founded in 2014. Like the tides on which our name is based, our books will pull you into their worlds or push you away from shore, depending on your point of view.  Either way, you might end up in deep water. So long as you can swim, you'll be fine.

We are a story-telling press. We are passionate about books that explore the life of the underdog, the outsider, the seeker, the unsettled. In this sense, our books are united loosely by theme, not genre. Which is to say, if you like one of our books, there is a better than 50% chance you will like all of our books. Books we publish ask questions, and they make you feel less alone. They make you feel, period. And think. And sometimes, they are funny. Because without a little humor, the big questions can crush you.

 Laura Jones is the founder of Tidal Press. She is an attorney by training, a former art gallery owner and long time writer and editor. 

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