WHO AND WHAT: Tidal Press is a one woman independent press founded in 2014 and based on Cape Cod. That one woman is me, Laura Jones, and I am an attorney by training, a former art gallery owner and a long-time writer and editor. (As a friend said when I explained to him what I do: "You are all five floors of a publishing house wrapped into one person!" Yup. This is a labor of love. Although I occasionally get some copyediting and design assistance on a contract basis.) Like the tides on which the name is based, the books I publish will pull you into their worlds or push you away from shore, depending on your point of view. So long as you can swim - even just dog paddle - you'll have fun, I think.

WHY: I started Tidal Press because I wanted to be an advocate for great writing. I also publish my own books under the LSJ Books imprint because I can. I am an outsider. I do not have an MFA, I do not come from a publishing family, and I do not live in New York. I like popular and literary books. 

WHAT, PART II: This is a story-telling press. I am passionate about books that explore the life of the underdog, the outsider, the seeker, the unsettled. In this sense, the books I publish are united loosely by theme, not genre. Books I publish ask questions, maybe offer some answers, and make you feel less alone. So far, the genres I do publish include: History, Memoir / Essays, Art, Short Stories and Mystery. Nature and Sports are future projects.  

HOW: To buy or pre-order Tidal Press books, please visit the "BuyBooks"  page, where basic shipping is always free. Books are also available from all the major on-line retailers and can be ordered from your local bookstore.  Booksellers can order Tidal Press titles through Ingram or by contacting me directly (I offer a 50% trade discount and charge shipping at cost) at: laura(at)tidalpress (dot) com. Sadly, whether ordered through Ingram or Tidal press, I cannot accept returns on any wholesale orders.

NOT: I am not reviewing unsolicited submissions at this time. 

SAY HI: If you would like to contact me for any other reason - and I hope you will - feel free to send an email to: laura (at) tidalpress (dot) com. I am particularly happy to provide review copies. 

Thanks for reading. Cheers.